Monday, November 23, 2009

A Mother's Love

A Mother's love touches us from the moment of our birth and embraces us through out our lives. If we have been blessed in a special way, our Mother's love will encompass every aspect of our lives. She will leave an everlasting imprint that we, in turn, will pass on to our children.

The importance of a Mother's love and nurturing truths cannot be understated. She is often the reason a child grows up believing or not believing. Her love is often the glue that binds us together through difficult times. She is often the protector, the shield, if you will from the harms of this world.

When the world attacks we are our children's stronghold, support, and security. We should be who they come to when everything else seems wrong, and when they come we should be the ones that champion them to greatness. For then, they will achieve greatness...not always in the world's eyes, but most certainly before God.

A mothers love is warm, soft, and for the great majority of us a safe haven from the storms of this world.

This item was created using artwork by Trina and Gail.

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