Monday, November 23, 2009

Faith When Times Seem Bleak

Have you ever felt that you needed a larger dose of faith than usual? When things get really ugly and you're trying to figure out how to make "it" work.

If you haven't then you're a unique and special individual. I, on the other hand, have felt that I needed that little extra boost.

Right now, for instance, things are not going too well financially. We have a small construction company and it has fallen due to the economy.

We have searched for employment, but nothing has turned up yet. Many are praying and we are waiting.

I've discovered that faith is something you either have or you don't have...

What did you say?

Yes, I know earlier I said that I needed an extra boost of faith...that actually isn't right.

We have all the faith we need if we have the faith of a mustard seed (Luk 17:6). A mustard seed is one of the smallest of seeds, it's so tiny that when it rests in the palm of your hand you could easily lose it. After it's planted, rooted, and becomes a massive Mustard Tree.

I was told that the meaning was either have faith or your don't. My faith rests in the Creator who loved me enough to send a Savior for me. He and He alone will care for my needs as He sees fit.

Now, I know that sounds very lofty, but to be sure there are days when I feel frightened about my future and the future of our family, but God reminds me that if He feeds the fowl of the air, how much more will He care for me.

For now, I will rest in that...find peace where I am, and trust.

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  1. At times I am hard to say anything, because I just know that I'm listening to the truth. Now the situation is exactly such. Thank you for your wholeheartedness, I am so glad to meet you. It's our welcome (the sharing of our face) that enables the barren soul to produce makes the the barren soul into the flourishing garden - your post pick me up from my grieving and I was the happiest man to join you in enjoying at the precious promises of our God.